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Image Coaching/Consulting

How You Want Others to See You
Determine Your Authentic Self

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As a former model and brand representative, image is important…

in fact, image can be everything.
How do you want to show up in the world?  How do others see you?  

Do these two align? 

Image Coaching/Consulting will give you the knowledge to define a clear vision and brand for your image/style (always staying true to who you are) aligned with your lifestyle, goals, and profession. Your personal style will give you the confidence to show up as your best self in all the different spaces you access.  Always remember, YOU are the CEO of your image and personal brand. 
Make Lasting impressions - Within seconds of meeting you, people form opinions.
All About Perception - What impact do you make when others see you?
Your Communication - How does your body language, posture, facial
expressions, and clothing affect others?  Are you seen as professional, prepared, and polished in all of your communication?

How We Can Help:

We coach, consult and train a wide range of executives, leaders and individuals that want help to:

  • Define a professional image/brand/style and how they want others to see them

  • Gain valuable insights on how their current image is perceived in the workplace

  • Understand how to dress for the role they want… not the role they’re in 

  • Understand how grooming, posture, body language, gestures, speech and clothing all work in tandem to create a powerful image and that of a leader 

  • Craft a leadership style that allows them to dictate what qualities they want ppl to know about them 

  • Take their professional development and/or career to the next or a new level


Let us help you take control of how you show up every day!

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