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Business Etiquette Coaching/Consulting

Your Behavior Matters

Etiquette Poster

It doesn’t matter how technically qualified you are.  You may have all the certifications, degrees, and qualifications, but if you don’t show up with the right social (soft) skills and behavior for the setting, you may not rise to the level of success you seek.

Etiquette Coaching/Consulting will provide guidance and structure, so you feel confident about your presence, and your ability to connect, engage and communicate value no matter the occasion or setting.  


Corporate Settings - Do you know handshake etiquette for business meetings? Do you understand the meaning of code switching? How about behavior during or conducting virtual presentations?

Social Settings - How do you interact with others at dinners, cocktail parties, networking or other events? Do you display all the correct social graces with ease? Do you feel awkward and challenged when initially meeting others, starting conversations or engaging in meaningful conversations with strangers?  

How We Can Help:
We coach, consult and train a wide range of individuals who want help to master business etiquette and social skills to level the playing field… whether you are:

  • New to corporate

  • Existing small business owner/Entrepreneur

  • Experienced professional/leader/emerging leader

  • Re-entering or Re-inventing in the workforce 

  • Returning to the office and attending social networking events

  • Seeking to take your professional development and/or career to the next or a new level

Let us help you level up so you can make every interaction and occasion your time to shine!

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