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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Challenge Thinking to Empower and Exceed Goals

Janee Lester

Executive & Leadership Coaching provides a powerful yet safe, structured, supportive, and trustworthy environment. You can show up authentically and just BE, BREATHE, and REFLECT on the value you bring to the universe.


We provide coaching models with dynamic questioning, active listening, and in-depth assessments, to facilitate effective management, clear sense of purpose, and direction for action.

Promote Organizational Culture  - Reaffirm yourself as a leader for the greater good.

Exceed Expectations  - Average performance is never good enough.

Support Growth of Diverse Workforces  - Identify, support, value, and reward all talent. 

How We Can Help:
We coach, consult and support a wide range of executives, leaders and individuals that want help to:

  • Understand their superpowers and how to leverage them to reach and exceed their goals

  • Seek to take their professional development and/or career to the next or a new level

  • Navigate being “the only” and are struggling with belonging or feeling seen and heard in the workplace, due to a lack of representation

  • Seek to better understand and support diverse colleagues and teams to help improve their performance, engagement, morale and foster a better company culture overall

  • Improve communication and relationships with candid discussions and insights to help increase awareness, emotional intelligence and multicultural global perspective

  • Onboard new employees and help them to navigate their new environments, role, goals, feel supported and get a head start in setting them up for success

Let us help you set goals to deliver real, measurable results and turn your dreams into a profitable reality!

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