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Image / Personal Branding 

How You Want Others to See You
Determine Your Authentic Self

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As a former model and brand representative, image is important…

in fact, image can be everything.
YOU are your own personal brand.  How do you think you show up in the world?  
How do others perceive you?  Do these two align? 

We will help you to clearly define and articulate your professional/personal identity (always staying true to who you are), aligned with your lifestyle, passions, achievements, goals, and experience.   We will support and guide you, so you feel confident about your presence, and your ability to connect, engage and communicate value with clarity, no matter the occasion or setting.  Understanding your brand will give you the self-assurance to show up as your best self in all the different spaces you access.  Always remember, YOU are the CEO of your image and personal brand. 
Make Memorable Impressions - Within seconds of meeting you, people will make observations and form opinions. 
Your Communication - What impact do you make when others encounter you? How does your body language, posture, facial expressions, attire, and conversation affect others?  Are you seen as professional, prepared, and polished in all of your communication?

The Perception - Does your introduction spark further interest or engagement from your audience?

Professional & Social Settings -  How do you show up? Is it consistent in all environments... in person, virtually, social media?

  1.  Are you clear about your impact or results you have achieved? 

  2.  What sets you apart from others, and can you communicate this effectively?

  3.  Do you feel awkward or challenged when introducing yourself, starting conversations, sharing your unique value proposition, or engaging in meaningful conversations with strangers?

  4.  How do you interact with others at meetings, conferences, dinners, cocktail parties, or networking events?

  5.  Can you comfortably deliver your 30-second commercial, story or elevator pitch (summary of who you are, what you do, and why you are unique) and adapt it to any scenario?

  6.  Are you aware of your audience, and crystal clear on the objective or specific call to action (CTA) you want your audience to take to encourage further engagement?

How We Can Help:

We coach, consult and train a wide range of executives, leaders, business owners and individuals, that want help to master the above questions, and need support in order to:

  • Define a professional image/personal brand/style and how they want others to see them

  • Gain valuable insights on how their current image/ brand is perceived by family, friends, colleagues, etc.

  • Understand how to show up for the role they want… not the role they’re in 

  • Understand how grooming, posture, body language, gestures, speech, tone and attire all work in tandem to create a powerful image/personal brand 

  • Craft and deliver an elevator pitch that will be compelling and impactful

  • Understand and connect with their audience and learn how to encourage further engagement 

  • Craft a personal brand that allows them to dictate what qualities they want ppl to know about them 

  • Show up as the best authentic version of themselves


Let us help you take control of how you show up, and make every interaction your time to shine!

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